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Young Ideas Nursery School
News and Reviews for Young Ideas Nursery School
Celebrating our 37th Year.

September 2019 News&Reviews!

  Welcome PARENTS & CHILDREN to a school year filled with many fun and exciting activities!
  Teachers will highlight this through “Getting Acquainted” with classroom and routines as well as discussions of self, family, and making new friends.

Highlights & Activities:
  Show ‘N Tell: Teachers will send home notes indicating your child's scheduled day.
  Student Adjustment: We realize that parents are concerned as to how their child is doing. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.
  Johnny Appleseed: Will be featured during Story-Time, Arts ‘N Crafts, & at snack time.
  Yom Kippur: Well wishes to our friends who celebrate this holiday.
  Playground Reminder: Please dress your child in the appropriate outdoor playground attire. We will be running around, skipping, jumping, and playing every day.
  School Updates: School activities & information will be posted on the easel by the back door.